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Niveau d'études

Bac+5 et +

Niveau d'expérience requis

6 à 10 ans

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DCAI is a technical assistance company that has been providing its expertise to large national and international groups since 1978.


We intervene on site for the participation, the realization, the intervention and the maintenance of new work, renovations and extensions, according to the specific domains of our customers / according to the field of our customers.


We are looking for a FURNACE COMMISSIONER for one of our clients for a minimum of 3 months in China.

The Furnace Commissioner is responsible for the commissioning of the equipment (or part of it), developed by the Group's project teams, while respecting the project's objectives (notably deadlines) and obtaining the highest levels of efficiency. Implements the Occupational Health & Safety policy within the project and for the project itself, integrating safety aspects, quality and environmental standards


  1. Analysis of drawings, technical documents and manuals, commissioning procedures for equipment, setting up start-up procedures, test files and checklists; definition of safety procedures for site activities

  2. On site establishment of contacts required for the assignment: customer, partners, subcontractors, other stakeholders

  3. Participate in the availability and verification (checks, tests, trials) of the tools and equipment needed for the start-up (on site or with the subcontractor)

  4. Supervision of start-up according to the contractual schedule or, in accordance with the contract, technical advice, until the equipment reaches the initially agreed performance levels

  5. Technical problem detection, reporting and resolution: initial debriefing/comments, analysis, decisions, implementation and recommendations for improvement of future installations

  6. Updating and sending progress/status reports to the project team on site situation, equipment construction, commissioning or operating situations, equipment performance, problems and their origin

  7. Verification of final compliance with safety, standards, performance, technical conditions and contractual requirements to obtain customer acceptance of equipment

  8. Handling complaints if necessary

  9. Collection and communication of all necessary data to ensure an efficient REX for the project (e.g. records, consumptions, capacities, ...), including all modified drawings, documents, manuals and software

  10. Practical training for the customer so that he can use the equipment in accordance with the contractual requirements

  11. Drafting of a notebook (daily site activities)

  12. Drafting of the commissioning book

  13. Possibly follow up punch lists

  14. Use of LMRAs as necessary

  15. Report any anomalies to the assembly/project team.

  16. Respect of the defined work procedures

  17. Take charge of the declarations of accidents, incidents, near-misses occurring on the site for the personnel of our client and subcontractors, related to safety and the environment


  • Commissioning supervisor: university degree in engineering

  • Fluency in English and French. Any other foreign language is an asset

  • VCA Operational management, first aid, fire PPE, electrical clearance

  • Commissioning supervisor: 5 to 6 years experience

  • Ability to read a plan

  • Know and use the tools of the trade. Example: measurements

  • Knowledge of the installations and their usefulness

  • Understand functional analysis and be able to check its correct application

Knowledge of the AutoCAD program and the Office suite

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