Description :
For one of our clients, we are looking for a Project Engineer for a minimum of 12 months in France (69).   Within the ENERGY division, the service consists of the operational management of a perimeter. Depending on the nature of the service in question, this may be a project in its own right or a subset of a project. The aim is to manage the project(s) from the proposal phase through to completion. The tasks will be as follows:
  • Ensure that the customer’s needs and expectations are properly understood;
  • Define, in conjunction with technical management, the list of applicable deliverables, the hours required and the associated timetable;
  • Drafting the technical part of the bids, with the support of the tender board;
In the execution phase, the activity is based around three main tasks: Coordination of studies :
  • Management, steering and monitoring of the various specialists assigned to the project by the Technical Department:
  • Transmit the validated hours budget and schedule to the business engineers;
  • Communicate the necessary input data;
  • Monitor the progress of tasks entrusted to specialists, as well as hours spent against budget;
  • Informing and alerting the technical referent for the discipline concerned in the event of an obvious problem (drift in the delivery of deliverables and/or quality of deliverables).
  • Coordination of interfaces between specialists from different disciplines.
  • Define and adjust the need for any support from technical resources.
  • Transferring studies to the Construction team
  • Organise a formal monitoring meeting with the technical teams
Monitoring of contracting companies:
  • Organise a kick-off meeting with the construction team;
  • Ensure that subcontractors deliver the expected work;
  • Ensuring that the trade engineers carry out the review (VISA assignment) of the EXE deliverables in accordance with the established schedule.
  • Manage requests for clarification from companies.
  • Ensuring that the supplies and manufacturing for which subcontractors are responsible run smoothly, with the support of project purchasing and by carrying out inspections.
  • Analysing requests for additional work with project purchasing.
  • Attending on-site site meetings, as required and to be defined with the project manager and site team.
  • Manage external interfaces with the customer.
  • Monthly project activity report ;
  • Presentation and Minutes Study review (Feasibility / DIB) ;
  • TCO (Tender Comparison Table) on all projects for all lots.
Profile :
  • Minimum years of experience: 5 years
  • Technical coordination
  • Project management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Software skills: Office suite (imperative), MSP (recommended)
  • Sector experience: Gas, project management
  • Schengen visa