Description :
For one of your clients, we are looking for a HPP Engineer for a minimum of 6 months in France (93).

The aim of the assignment is to ensure the proper technical coordination of interfaces with the business team during the execution study phase.
  • Under the direction of the Interface Manager, coordinate and participate in the document review of the deliverables issued by the OEM, and identify changes in input data compared with the data previously considered in the design;
  • Coordinate and take part in the "clash-debug" process, identify the hard points and the various technical solutions enabling them to be resolved, and validate their implementation with the project stakeholders (Interface Manager, OEM, Customer, Employer);
  • Carrying out or managing studies to quantify the impact of changes in input data on the design, at the request of the Employer's Customer.
  • In conjunction with the Interface Manager, manage the change management process with regard to design production, i.e. :
  • Analysing the impact of taking a change into account when the design is already in production, so that the parties can decide whether to incorporate it immediately or wait until the next stage of the design;
  • Keep the change log up to date.
  • Coordinating, informing and monitoring the production teams when changes are introduced into the design, to ensure that they are properly understood and taken into account in the deliverables (FEM calculations, reports, calculation notes, 3D BIM model, plans);
  • Generally checking that the OEM's input data is properly understood and incorporated into the design/deliverables;
  • Ensuring, in liaison with the BIM teams, that the parts of the model that are progressively put into production at the "Issue For Construction" (IFC) stage are frozen for modifications. This task includes liaising with the design teams (GC and OEM) ahead of this freeze so that they can anticipate and prioritise their activities if necessary (this will be done on the basis of the production schedule);
  • Ensuring the configuration management process, i.e. traceability between the various versions of the input data (via versioning of the "Basis of Design" and the various revisions of the BIM model) in relation to the various design revisions (Detailed Design Revision B, IFC 01, etc.);
  • Participating in and/or leading, for all of the above activities, internal meetings and/or meetings with the Customer and the Employer, on civil engineering subjects relating to interfaces with equipment;
  • Clash debug meetings;
  • Interface management meetings;
  • Dedicated workshops on certain interfaces;
  • Presentations to the Customer/Employer;
Profile :
  • At least 5 years' experience in ;
  • Civil engineering, reinforced concrete, hydroelectricity;
  • Pack Office (imperative) ;
  • Robot, ANSYS (recommended) ;
  • REVIT (recommended);
  • Hydraulic and/or hydroelectric schemes;
  • Dams;
  • Execution studies for large complex infrastructures;
    Configuration management;
  • Drafting of deliverables in English;
  • Schengen visa ;